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Pritty boys who are beefy, vain, do stripper dances at the club and think its hot, wear tight shirts.
Also possibly tan, use hair products, go to the gym to be looked at, have frosted tiped hair.
Look at those chauchy guys over there, they look more into themselves than that himboTrent.
by smoothy-o January 16, 2005

An individual convinced of, and impressed with their own awesomeness, and sorely in error as it its extent. See also douchebag or showboat.

-to be chauchy, to act with chauchiness, to be chauched upon

A:Has that guy been telling that same joke to girls all night?

B: Yes. He's a total fucking chauch.
by chumblefuzz May 04, 2010
one who is a total douche or tool, usually someone who is a try hard at some activity
"Is that guy really blasting kings of leon in his honda civic right now?"
"Dude what a chauch!"
by grubadub September 08, 2013
or Church Is an expression used by west coast Pimps and Rappers as defined by Snoop Dogg and Pimp Bishop Magic Don Juan As Seeing god in all that you do,
a way to live rightiously. a celebration of lifes glory

such as "hallelujuah" or "salute"
Dinks are poured as a toast instead of cheers someone says 'Chauch nigga chauch, house it.'
by highalltimes October 22, 2007
Any thugged-out wannabe who wears visors.
" I can't stand that chauch!"
" He's a worthless little chauch. He ain't shit."
by faeri March 03, 2004
A female's pussy.

It can also be in a way to call a name to make fun of.
That girl has one nice chauch!

That guy is being such a fucking chauch
by WyattMathews August 23, 2006
A girl who, regardless or how she dresses (although stereotypically characterized by preppy bitches), acts stuck up and snobbish.

Could also be male, although less so.

On occasion the word becomes overused by poser bitches who think it only means someone who dresses preppy or is popular.
I don't care what you say, that goth chick is such a chauch.
by causte March 08, 2005
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