A chata is someone who is a backstabbing whore. Beware of chatas, they might seem pretty when you meet...but as you get to know them they will become uglier and uglier. They will lie to get their way and criticize everyone behind their back. A chata is not someone you want to have around since it is the equivalent of a street whore.
He hired a chata to have sex with him for 2 dollares.
#slut #whore #ugly #backstabbing #friend
by definingyou May 09, 2010
T3h suxor 1337 raggamuphin wannabe living in Costa Rica.
Chata: dude! i just leeted msn messenger!
skullfire: Why, what'd u do?
Chata: t3h color haxor! *changes font color*
skullfire:... dumb noob
by skullfire January 24, 2005
a want to be chonga, a girl who trys to be a chonga but isnt one succesfully.

can also refer to a slut or a dirty mexican aka a wetback or in some random occasions a porchmonkey
"Wow mari juan diego de la treschimbombas is such a chata she cant be chongariffic like us."
#chata #chato #chonga #chongo #slut
by isah August 07, 2006
lazy wetback that digs trenches for his dad. often uses words that are mispronounced like "dust cropper" and "refix it."
Chata dug like 3700 feet of trench today and is really tired. Chata's grandma told him he needs to get laid.
by eddieisawetback July 27, 2003
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