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an awsome country artist that doesn't just sing about crappy depressing stuff that most country singers sing about.
Charlie Daniels is famous for THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA, the most awsome song ever.
by nate h June 03, 2007
A fat, slovenly, untalented, fascist, shithead one-hit wonder who writes right-wing columns on his website criticizing anyone whose political beliefs aren't to the right of Hitler. Like most chickenhawks he never served in the military but is content to see other people fight and die even in unjust wars. Like all wingnuts he's homophobic and wants to impose his evangelical Christian beliefs on the country. Even though he claims to cherish liberty and freedom above all else, he advocates suspension of constitutional rights during times of war and wants to see the government regulate the private behavior of its citizens.
Charlie Daniels should get his fat ass over to Iraq and see how they like him over there.
by Soup Lover May 02, 2009

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