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The amnesiac assassin from The Long Kiss Goodnight.
Charly targets the bald guy's head, raises her .45 and fires.


Nearby a cricket chirps.

Charly absent-mindedly rolls a steak knife in her fingers.

Eyes far away.

It never occurs to her what she's done until the chirping stops.

Ten feet away, the knife quivers.
by Substatic March 09, 2005
Mediocre female rapper who is often mistaken for a clown(red hair).She belongs to Murder Stink alongside the wanksta Ja Rule,talentless BITCH Ashanti and Ass-hole Irv Gotti.

She will never have an album out.Jealous of Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim!
50 Cent disses her.
by Nite August 04, 2003

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