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It's a person usually who mysteriously possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; having a way with words or actions.
"Damn dude , this boy is a charismatic enigma..look he can raise the dead with his words..hah he already has"
by Cory Jonathan June 08, 2005
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The Charismatic Enigma, AKA Jeff Hardy, one of the Greatest Wrestlers OF ALL TIME!!! His Carrier was ended prematurely by CM Punk on Smackdown in a Steel Cage Match. the match was set so the winner would walk away with the World Heavy Weight Championship, and the loser would resign their WWE contract. CM Punk won, to the dismay of hundreds of thousands of WWE fans everywhere.
Announcer: On the way to the ring, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 221 lbs. The Charismatic Enigma, JEEEEEEEFF HAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRDDDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Me Me You ME September 26, 2009
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