The act of putting on Chap Stick.
Man I'm chappin my chin.
by Zack Penn December 13, 2005
Top Definition
a feeling of lowered body temperature ("coldness")
on a winters day tom says "im chappin man lets go to my yard"
by temara S May 29, 2003
Something that Londoners came up with instead of saying 'im cold'.
Londoner 1: Nah man you dont wanna go out der coz it is chappin innit

Londoner 2: True. True. Im shiftin off back to my yard blud.
by Kitty Purrs October 05, 2007
Chappin means 'cold', 'freezing' etc.
Anthony: Ohh its bare chappin tonight..
Sarah: Skeen! That's why i got me coat innit!
by afc July 30, 2005

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