Any bitchass marika affiliated with XIV.
"Shit happens muthafucker
Shouldn't haved rolled in the South
Now your dead lil Chap
Time to piss in your mouth
Just remember where your at
Killa Kali your done
Its big bad Sureno Gs
Southside number ONE!"
by ASESSINO March 02, 2004
Top Definition
Insult word that Sureños call their rivals the Norteños.
Hey ese lets go kill this chapete right here.
by Brown huero December 30, 2003
A spanish word used as an insult (usually used as a replacement for fag)
1)That guy looks like a chapete.
2)Get out of here you chapete!
3)Quit being a chapete.
by nocausefordeath April 09, 2010
all those gay fags that dont know shit and wear that girly color red that they look pretty in
by puppet puro sur 13 bst October 27, 2003
In Mexico the word chapete is used to describe a lover, usually a girl. But at times woman use it on their lovers as well. Chapetito, chapetillo is a diminutive for the word chapete.
I spend the night with my chapete, chapetito.

If my wife leaves I can always move in with my chapete.
by El Kukuy from Chucotown December 09, 2015
1) Испанское слово, означающее "педик" (англ. "fag")
2) Участники банды Sureños этим словом оскорбляют своих врагов из банды Norteños
1) That guy looks like a chapete (Этот парень выглядит как chapete)
2) Hey ese lets go kill this chapete right here (Эй, братан, давай убьем этих chapete прямо сейчас)
by Southsider Trece July 11, 2015
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