A school that is part of Shenendehowa. Even though it's only an elementary school, it still has cliques.

Cliques include:

Popular kids: A bunch of immature snot nosed fuckwits who think they own everything in the school.

Goths: A bunch of kids who masturbate to Good Charlotte, whilst slitting their wrists.

Wiggers: A bunch of kids who are white, but they think they are black.

Weird kids/nerds: The group of kids who look normal, but act "weird" according to the popular kids. This the group I was placed in.

Normal kids: Nothing special about them.

The teachers are mainly nice, but one of the gym teachers owns a riced out Scion xB.

In short, it's an okay school. Not the best, but okay.
Chango is a school...............
by Blahb April 09, 2005
Urine put off as beer or possibly beer mixed with urine. It is a reoccurent theme in Quentin Tarantino movies.
Tarantino: "What kind of beer do you have?"
Bartender: "Warm Chango."
Tarantino: "Great, that's my brand."
Takes a sip
"It tastes like piss."
Bartender: "That's because it is."
by D March 04, 2004
Chango is a cruel-humored human that annoys the shit out of you. Very mean, yet at times nice. however his generousity is extremelty rare. He is basically a living punching bag to fuck around with.
"o what now chango. you've got nothing on me."

"Chango, don't get buttsore, im just bored"
by Mini MeE August 30, 2006
madly in love with a girl named Sarah
Whoa, stefano is so chango
by Stefano May 07, 2005

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