surf talk which is a cross between yeah and dude!
"you were like whoa and i was like whoa and we were like chah!"
by smiley May 23, 2003
Top Definition
game consisting of 2 players facing off with bryer or thorn sticks in which they slap one another.
when a thorn gets stuck into an opponents skin, the other player must say chah to recieve their points.
#cha #choh #jousting #slap stick #bloody game
by Ashley Arnold April 11, 2006
Adjective - An expression of elation, pleasure or extreme emotion in cases of epic win or fail. Most commonly used in cases of triumph.
"I just made the most banging sandwich. Cha'h!!"
"I just found 20 quid. Cha'h!!"
"Hey Will, we've made you dinner!", "Cha'h!!"
#chah #char #banging #yeah #win #fail #quid
by partyleech November 01, 2011
Pronounced lazily with a sigh in order to show impatience or irritation at an unfortunate inconvenience.

- "Sorry man, we smoked that joint you were saving?"
- "All of it? Chaaaah!!"

(for variation) 'Chah-rule', 'Chah-grill', 'Chaaaah-rington Crescent'.
#chuh #char #geez #gee-whizz #jah
by BB86 April 14, 2009
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