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n. any italian male, or any male pretending to be italian, who wears gold chains, puts gel in their hair, and dresses like a fag in a pathetic attempt to impress members of the opposite sex or otherwise overcompensate for their inadequacies.

pl. chachis

org. Formerly termed Guidos in the 1960's to mid 1980's. Younger generations typically identify italians with Scott Bayo of "Happy Days" and a bunch of other crappy shows he was in.
I caught that fucking chachi hitting my bix so I took him outside and curbed his ass.
by Jay Tang January 03, 2005
A slang term for cocaine.
"Hey man, you got any chach?"
"Yeah, lets go do a bump."

When speaking in code:
"Dude, I am totally into that show Joanie Loves Chachi tonight"
"No shit? Well maybe we should call Charles. He always knows a party...."
by Maglicious February 14, 2005
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