Simply put, a chachink is a rich asian. originated from the term "chaching!" Radiant yellow-skinned races bathing in money.
"Yo, I would totally go out with him, he's a chachink! He probably wipes his @$$ with money."
by Chachink March 25, 2008
Top Definition
Sound made by a machinegun when you pull the bolt back and let it fly forward to chamber the first round

Alternate definition: Sound made by a pump shotgun when you pump it to chamber a round

Second Alternate definition: Sound made by gangster toward an intended victim or warning a potential victim of a machingun or shotgun drive-by shooting.
The last thing that corpse heard was cha-chink....before he got his head all blowed off.

Rufus: I really hate that mule....Cha-chink....BLAM!

The last thing those towel-head terrorists are gonna hear is Cha-chink...
by Ricardovitz June 11, 2009
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