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an extreme diva. usually does the "snap & pose" and says the phrase"BITCH PLEASE"
jaslene from americas next top model is a cha cha diva
by filmmaker3 April 19, 2007
A beautiful crazy haired brunette full of life and heart. Sexy and athletic Cha Cha Divas run like the wind and party like rock stars with class. Not ones for drama but occasionally finding themselves surrounded by it nonetheless due to their auras that attract others. Known for smiling even when not feeling it. Cha Cha Divas will always captivate and bemuse the people around her.
That Cha Cha Diva is soaking up all the attention in here.
by adler55 February 03, 2010
A latina who wears alot of colors and with tacky looking belts, shoes, shirts and makeup
Don't wear that, you look like a cha cha diva.
by chicken noodle September 24, 2013
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