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Retarded or gay fans of john cena,Who think cena can wrestle but in reality he can't wrestle for shit.Usually cena fans r retarded 5 yr olds, gays OR girls.
5 yr old- Dad ,lets go and watch wwe ,I want 2 see cena wrestle.
dad- watch cena wrestle???? u must b kiddin he barely does 5 moves and U call that wrestling, don't b a cetard, son. I hate
by CFCWWEISMYLIFE. March 18, 2008
a term coined by smarks in Internet Wrestling Community to describe an avid John Cena fan (Cena is often an object of criticism among smarks), who doesnt seem to have a logical explanation for their embrace towards Cena, and cant make a decent argument when confronted with a statement questioning their choice.
Cena fans are Cetards.
by Smark March 28, 2006