1. A girl who's face resembles the face of a horse.

2. A very ugly girl.

3. A butterface. Although she has a hot body, she still has a horse's face. She is like the opposite of a mythological centaur.
Guy 1: So did you do her?

Guy 2: No way. She is a horrible centaur.
by fvzm4 November 17, 2009
a very weird person.
<@Centaur> i get the mirror and put it under my gooch so i can have a look at my anus :D
by tubgirl September 07, 2003
super eleet person!
im a centaur.
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
da man irl and online
u da man aka centaur
by somecoold00d September 01, 2004
retarded fat asian :)
by Frost April 01, 2003
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