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only the best all men group of amazing singers.
celtic thunder is the best there is 5 guy in it.
Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Paul Byrom, and
George Donaldson.
by megan anne June 11, 2008
An group of Celtic singers. George Donalson (Scottish-40) Paul Byrom (Irish-29) Ryan Kelly (Irish-28) Keith Harkin (Irish-23) Damian McGinty (Irish-16) They sing all genres of songs from folk to pop/rock. They even wear kilts sometimes.
Rachel-"Did you see that amazing concert last night?"

Andy-"The Celtic Thunder concert? Ahhhhhh!! They were amazing!Boy is that Damian cute!"

Rachel-"I like Paul best!"
by RachyLynn May 30, 2009

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