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At social occasions or youth groups for school; when everybody gets dressed up, the girls put on tight jeans and a stretchy, revealing tank top while the boys put on baggy pants and a t-shirt. They all put on cologne or perfume. After arriving they sit down with there friends or if they're trying to "fit in" the popular peeps. The people pull out their Cell Phones and start to press random buttons, acting like they know what they're doing and/or text to people. All of this just to be popular, and saying without speaking it... "HEY! EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!!! I HAVE A NEW RAZOR! LOOK HOW SPOILED AND RICH I AM! MY MOMMY AND DADDY BUY EVERYTHING FOR ME!" In most cases, these people have a low self-esteem, resulting in them going home crying everyday. This also may cause them to have shaggy long black hair and claim to be emo. ALOT of them also bring Ipods.
Evan: "People these days... They just want to be cool."

Sarah: "Yeah, like at youth group last week; all of them had the cell trend going there. They ALL pulled out their cell phones and started texting."

Evan: "Did you see Ian? He was just pressing random buttons on his phone. I would assume that he just got it. dumb Ian... ::snickers::"
by Nintendoid24 September 14, 2007
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