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A socio/psychological condition characterized by ones inability to stop talking on their cell phone; commonly unable to turn their cell phone off; often and especially in enviornments that are not appropriate for personal phone conversing. This condition is often associated with a deeper emotional/psychological/spiritual condition of vacuousness and refered to in 12 step recovery parlance as chataholic.
So I drive my car over to La Beedo's to give him a ride to the gig and within 30 seconds his cell phone goes off. He answers the call without missing a beat, and yammers away about about Suzie, Sally and Sam, from 168th St. all the way to 96th. When he hangs up, I start to ask him a question and his phone goes off again. He tells me "hold on, I need to get this", and dives back into his fucking babble-bubble. I picked him up the next night and the same thing happened. Seems like he may have a serious case of cell phone-itis.
by Bob Albanese September 06, 2007
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