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A flip phone? Seriously? Did the welfare check not come in
Kyle is displaying cell phone snobbery in this conversation:
"Jackie, your phone sent me that message like 4 times"

"Sorry Kyle, your phone sends me duplicates pretty frequently though too"

"It's totally your phone, Jackie. It only happens with you. Your phone is totally ghetto. Do you drink your OE while talking on it?"
"Kyle, your cell phone snobbery makes me so angry i could bite you."Kyle, your cell phone snobbery makes me so angry i could bite you.
by Jackie826 January 14, 2011
An extension of the total technology snob, an elitist cell phone owner who engages in conversation to poke fun or put other, less fortunate (or less technologically advanced) cell phone owners down. This is someone who frowns upon conventional cell phones and requires a smart phone as a part of their daily life. This is your friend who would rather commit harry carey rather than be seen talking on a flip phone (or heaven forbid, a pay phone).
Cell phone snobbery may include, "Did you see that mall skank talking on her motorola razor? She totally works at Walmart" or "that blackberry is soooo 2009, what are you? an accountant?"
by jackieo826 January 16, 2011

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