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Where person 'A' makes a cell phone call to person 'B', gets their voice mail, begins to leave a message. Meanwhile person 'B' sees the missed call, phones person 'A' from THEIR cell, and gets person 'A's voice mail, leaving a message to call them back. meanwhile, Person 'A' finishes the message for person 'B', see's that they have missed a call from person 'B' and call them back, only to get the voice mail again, because person 'B' is doing the same... the cycle continues as long as the participants do not pause to let the other person through.

It took Jane and me forever to get out of that cell loop until I finally just put the phone down and waited for her to call.

I'm TRYING to call to get through to them so they don't miss the highway exit, but we're stuck in this damn cell loop!!

by mmmichaelll January 24, 2007

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