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the baddest, most sideways beast ever known to grace the streets of coventry. driven by super john and used to impress cute brown haired girls at sainsburys!
"hey cute brown haired girl at sainsburys, do you like my celica supra?"
"yes, yes i do"
by greig July 06, 2004
Completely superior in every regard to the MkIII, and quite handy for driving over MB's head, because he's apparently an asshat. Second Generation Supra, hence the name CelicaSupra.
My MkII makes your MkIII look like ass, because it's very piggy like and slow.
by Speed Racer January 26, 2005
Intermittent design stage between Celica and Supra. Started from the original Celica
What came first the Celicasupra or the Supra?
by revmaster July 01, 2007
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