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a Blood gang located in the west side of Compton, CA...
rapper The Game claims this set...
WestSide Compton Cedar Block Piru Blood Gang
by westcoast G'ster July 08, 2005
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Cedar block piru is a very very small and weak gang on the westside of compton California they have the smallest hood in the cpt just one block. It is run by big fase 100 aka iam scared of white boy cedar block piru aka.chesse burger aka cbp are not and active gang in compton the hide behind fruit town piru their enemies are, The palmer blocc crips cv155 aciaca blocc crips, front hood compton crips, spook town compton crips, santana block crips, park village crips ,palm and oak gangta crips. The rapper the game is from this hood he was a santana blocc tg before he was a crip.
Big fase 100 says cedar block piru chesse burger blocc up blocc up . Plamer blocc crips say shut up u lazy slobs and cuts his slob head off wasuup cuzz. Rep yo set dvd youtube palmer blocc crips.cedar block piru / chesse burger cbpk sscck cvtfk nbcck 151k cedar block piru / chesse burger
by og big monsta shank pbcc 900 October 02, 2009
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