Literally, a ReWritable Compact Disc.

It's a cd that you can burn onto multiple times in case the first time sucked.
Let's go buy some cd-rw's and bring the downfall of pop music because someone cant get their Prada bag.
by EvilToasterCrumb January 06, 2004
Top Definition
Compact Disk Rewritable, n.: A CD that you can burn with various amounts of data multiple times or erased unlike a CD-R which can only be burned once and cannot be erased.
CD-RW have a much higher cost than CD-R's and slower burning rates and thus less used.
I prefer to use CD-RW for work because I can reuse them, but for permanent things I like to use CD-R.
by Zimbu January 07, 2004
A type of CD that can be written on AND erased. Somewhat like a regular computer floppy disk.

CD-RW = CD-ReWritable
Unless that cd is a cd-rw, I can't erase what's on it.
by Iron January 07, 2004
A recordable cd with data that can be overwritten. Not to be confused with a CD-R, which has data that can only be written once.
CD-RW disc (sold in most stores, more expensive than a CD-R)
by The Chillin' Villan January 07, 2004
Compact Disc - ReWritable. Meaning you can burn things to the CD, then burn them again.
"Hey man, I gotta erase this Anti-Flag CD-RW for a Bad Religion CD-RW."
by JET January 07, 2004
lit. Compact Disc - Re-Writable.
a cd that you can burn data onto more than once, covering up old data, or simply adding new.
I've been using this CD-RW for bringing all my homework assignments into school because my printer at home has been broken.
by Brian January 07, 2004
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