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church for chinese cunts of new jersey

worst motherfuckin church in the history of christianity, perhaps worst fucking house of worship in all of religion.
has the ability to make you want to convert to islam, buddhism, paganism, judisim, satanism, Haitian witchcraft, nymphomania, homelessness, get a sex change operation, grow a jew fro, smoke a chronic blunt, become a suicide bomber, sell your body for cheese fries, buy 12 cats and move to a mountaintop.

"Oh hey susie, why are you going thru my dumpster? oh... and why is their a tattoo of chuck norris on your back?"

"My parents took me to cccnj."
by ghostbusterxxx April 19, 2009
10 12
Stands for Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey.
Located in Parsippany, NJ.
Cool church and really cool youth group.
Mostly A.Z.N.s but everyone and anyone is welcome, we're friendly ;)
Do we have CCCNJ youth group tonight?
by cccnjboss January 13, 2008
21 11