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When a skank or hoe has contracted various STD's leaving
her anus resembling a cauliflower.
dude: And when i went down there..
dude2: yea..
dude: I saw she had a cauliflower cornhole!
dude2: wtf.. thats fucking sick.
dude: Yea, i beat that skanky hoe.
dude2: GTFO
dude: what did you say?
dude2: G-T-F-O
dude: nobody talks to me like that!
dude: *grabs crotch*
dude2: wtf?
dude: err, nvm dude, as i was saying..
dude: you goin down like a clown mofucker!
dude * caps dude2 *
dude2: ohnoes!
by Philiiiip October 18, 2007
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