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A type a Dog-human hybrid with a nice brown coat and horrible eyes, the Caudill is so blind that it has to scoot it's ass across the floor and use the sensations moving across it's crack to judge where it is in an area it is familiar with. When exploring new areas the Caudill tends to guard its crotch as it's overly large balls tend to hit things before the rest of it's body. While the Caudill is a fun loving and kind creature it's remarkably small penis prevents any sort of reproduction. The only way a Caudill is born is when an overly horny Canine get's it in with a desperate women who needs "The D" and can't seem to attract any sort of man who would be willing to give them the said "D"
"What is that thing?" "It's a Caudill duh!"
by NST November 26, 2013
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