Crazy-ass Latina bitch from the games Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Catalina was the main villain in GTA III and in San Andreas, she was CJ's girlfriend for a little while until she became very dissatisfied with him. Afterwards, she went to Liberty City to live with the GTA III protagonist and to work for the Colombian Cartel. A complete tomboy with a short temper, Catalina seems to hate nearly all men and even sees the men she "likes" only as mere crime partners and occasional fuck-buddies.
"I've seen fucking eunuchs with more balls than you!"

"You better hope I don't make testicle kabobs when you arive!"

"In here, mi amor!"

"You get your sorry ass in here right now, Carl Johnson, or I shove a fucking hand grenade up it!

"You think you can keep up with a REAL woman?"

"I'm warning you. I'm in a really bad fucking mood. Today I kill everybody who fucks with me! Especially you! Move!"

"One day, Carl Johnson, you will realize. She, she truly loved me, and your heart will break in two. But you are more like the spiny lizard than a man. Goodbye!"
by anonymous June 07, 2005
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the girl who guys want to date, and who girls want to be. she is rather shy, it takes her a while to open up but when she does shes a great person. she is intellegent and fun to be around. shes filled with love and care. shes over all the whole package
catalina is the best girl i've ever met!
by dancebaby4002 July 29, 2011
I pretty ass colombian
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
On the thesaurus look up BEST

And every word besides antonyms describes cat.
"catalina is every girls wet dream! because she is perfect in every way! like marry poppins."
by Sarah - Marie April 12, 2008
the finest mexican you will ever see in your life!
dam look at catalina she's fine and thick as hell bruh im gona make her my wife.

shit yea right shes to good for you nigga
by superswaggin December 07, 2010
Spanish variant of the English name Katherine, meaning pure.
"Hi! I'm Catalina!"
by KittyOfDeadlyPoking April 11, 2010
Island 26 miles or so from mainland Southern California. Very laid-back sort of place! Great for families, couples, lovers, friends.......actually for Everyone!
Clear blue water make (Santa) Catalina one of my top 5 in the USA.
by MatthewMLee October 02, 2007
not very tall, cute-nice, pink-flowers loving girl...can be a bit hyper sometimes...

sometimes the name is shorten as cat, or cata)
catalina,"I love flowers!!" "PINK!!" "NoO!!"
by jojo jojo May 04, 2005

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