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a term used to describe the horrible fashion/style of a short stalky person often girls who wear casual gnome fashions accompany a long peasant skirt with jeans or long pants. Often due to some miscommunication and illiteracy regarding hair dye boxes, a pink forehead may be used to compliment the skirt-jean ensemble.casual gnome fashions may also be worn with ugly high (less than 1 inch) heels, bamboo wedges, or platforms circa 1993.

often reffered to as a person who is incapable of dressing themselves.
1.damn that girls got some casual gnome goin on!
2.i'd say she dresses like a casual gnome, casual gnome much?
4.person 1: how much would you pay me to smack that casual gnome upside the head with this here rocket?
person 2: iono 30 bucks
person 1: done! *runs viciously down hallway after casual gnome*
by Chrissa N Baukemar December 12, 2008
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