Top Definition
Seriously hot, funny, cute, amazing, and sexy girl with a nice ass.
Dude, did you see that cassey?
I'd tap that cassey.
by James 14 February 20, 2009
Hottest girl, Very genuine, funny. Staten Island Accent.
That girl from the party, You remember her? She was definitely a cassey
by RFTG May 05, 2008
The greatest wife,mother,and best friend ever..She's the type of girl that blows her college tuition on you, just so she can hang out with you.She's that girl that followed you around for 6 years before you gave her a chance.She's that girl who didn't turn her back on you while you were be a lying douche bag. She's that girl you marry, and live the rest of your life with. She's the woman you have babys with and grow old together with.SHE'S YOUR EVERYTHING!
Guy1:Hey see that hotty over there?

Guy2: Yea!

Guy1: Imma make her my Cassey!
by PETER PAN! THE MAN September 16, 2012
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