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A legit website that actually pays you to complete surveys and other simple tasks. You can make anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars a month. Although most offers typically pay $0.25 to $1 each, you can use a program called Roboform to make it so much less time consuming to fill out each offer.

Guy 1: Man, I really need some money to pay for all my drugs and hookers.

Guy 2: Well it's easy, just go to http://cashcrate.com/1134379 to get a ton of easy money!
by stevebrule February 21, 2009
A website that pays you for filling in simple surveys and clicking advertised sponsors.

Chris: Yo since Matt gave me his link to cashcrate I've made like $50!!
Stew: Serious?! I want $50!!!
Chris: Go to http://cashcrate.com/691866 and get your own!
by 5Starruk January 07, 2009