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Stupid idiot- unfortunately won australian idol. Can't sing, annoying pop music. Her music career didn't get far
IDIOT: OMG Casey donovan is like so cool lets listen to her musc

NORMAL PERSON: What the fuck is wrong with you?
by Jvx October 02, 2006
shouldnt have won australian idol - only won it because the austrlian public felt sorry for her not becuase she can sing. her 1st single listen with ur heart suked and so did her album.
A: did u hear - casey forgot her words last night!!
B: oh really? ok lets vote for her then so she can win
by mr palmer January 11, 2005
won australian idol over the clearly better person - anthony callea. she cant sing and is too fat and ugly. she forgot her words 3 times in the duration of australian idol - no one else forgot any words from the top 12 onwards.
spastic person: hey caseys on lets listen to her!!
normal person: nah, id rather listen to fingernails scraping down a blackboard. it sounds better.
by leesh_beesh February 03, 2005