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dumb high school (generally freshman) hoes with a severe case of anorexia and a fake orange rub-on tan. they are typically of the valley girl sort and are often extremely dumb and easy. practically breastless, too young, and generally unappealing, they partake in this ritual of (reputational) self mutilation every spring, before summer comes, and before homecoming and prom, so that their parents can be sure to remind them with photo evidence what carrot sticks their daughters used to be. the plainest sign of desperation for social acceptance, carrot sticks are iconic sources of laughter and hallway disruption as they struggle to contend with the fact that existence hates them.
the dude: why, my good friend jeremiah, look over to yonder girl passing the commons, doth she not looketh as if she were a carrot stick?

jeremiah: awh dayum nigga dat bitch done got that pumpkin face an carrot body and everythang, sheeet.
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