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Young gymnast whose legendary calmness yet explosive skills won her the all-around gold medal at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens.
Carly traineds at WOGA (World of Olympic Gymnastics Academy) in Plano Texas.
Carly Patterson? Damn, that girl has abs!
by bleedingstar June 14, 2006
40 23
The best and most beautiful gymnast ever
fuck you Da B. u cant get her.
Carly patterson rocks.
by mr. jmh January 21, 2005
59 33
A 16-year-old gymnast who earned a gold medal with the US team at the Athens olympics. Considered quite attractive, she resides in Allen, Texas, just 20 minutes north of Dallas.
Carly Patterson is a superb gymnast.
by Kevin the Great July 08, 2005
28 14