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A super hot badass from the walking dead. He is mature, loyal and very kind... does things that need to be done; even if the gun has to be used...
'Carl Grimes Dad, you can't keep me from it.
Rick Grimes From what?
Carl Grimes From what always happens.
by bubblegumgurl December 29, 2013
A once whiny, annoying kid on the popular tv show, The Walking Dead. He has grown to be a rather interesting character.
Previous Carl Grimes:
Lori: Where's Carl?
Rick: Coooooorrrallll!
Lori: I told him to stay in the house!

Carl Grimes Now-
Michonne: Where did that boy run off to?
Rick: It's fine, he's off being a badass and actually killing walkers, and finally being a useful kid.
by walkinghalfdead July 06, 2014