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A peculiar Palestinian custom of swarming around a car which had recently held Palestinian extremists but which was then blown up by Israel in a targeted killing of the terrorists inside. Often, thousands of Palestinian men will swarm around the destroyed vehicle, looking to retreive bits of flesh from the incinerated "martyrs." The bodily remains are then paraded around in triumph.
Worker #1 "Man, I saw another stupid car swarm on last night's news. Some people have waaaay to much time on their hands."

Worker #2 "Talk about 'get a job'..."

Worker #3 "They should probably get a life first."
by Garlic M. May 04, 2007
Slang term for groups of the Palestinians who group around a car that the Israelis have destroyed with a rocket attack.
'After Abu Abbas' car was destroyed by a missile attack there was a car swarm'.
by Bill April 18, 2004
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