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Any person who tends to become closely aquainted with another person simply becuase they have a nice car. A car booty usually comes in the form a woman whose a "gold digger." A dude can be a car booty too, especially if he ain't got no whip.
Man, that bitch is a car booty! She just wanna ride in my whip!
by $*JHill*$ October 15, 2005
The female counter-part to scrub, this person is deprived of any motorized transportation, and actively seeks associations with people who are motorized vehicle owners for the purpose of free transportation.
I thought this female was cool to hang with, but she turned out to be nuthin' but a car-booty.
by Turbobro August 16, 2005
A woman who gives up booty because a guy has a sweet ride.

or A guy who just gets booty because of his car.
That dude is all about the carbooty
by Joel Pimp May 31, 2005
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