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the leader of the elite omega roflcopter squad is the supreme, and only leader. legend has it he could fly a rofl copter on his own, only using his appendix, and he cant hit an elephant from 20 metres away with zomgbombs and missloles.
some also say that he came 7th in the space race. he often likes ZOMGBBQPIZZA and lolmonade and will eat this at lolapalooza after hes pwnd all tem outlawls.
on the first day there was war, the lmao planes ruled the skies while the lollerskates and lolzorblades reigned with terror, on the second day god ate some ZOMGBBQPIZZA and the left over crust made a child, CAPTAIN SLOLOMON, he made the roflcopter to counter the evil laughter of other machines and flew it and recruited wild kodiak bears to help him, together they brought peaceful laughter to the world and he named this day lolapalooza
by mc prosef November 04, 2008
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