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A guy who is loyal to a slut-cunt type woman. He may also buy her things and take care of her kids or other things.
Look her comes Capt. Sav a hoe with that slut bitch. Didn't she just get done fucking that other dude?
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
A Captain Sav-a-hoe (save a whore) is a man who pays for everything to an unreasonable extent.
Dude..that n****'s just frontin...he spoilin that bitch like he Captain Sav-a-hoe.
by Shame-on-a-n**** November 25, 2002
Someone trying to get someone else out of a jam or tough situation.
He came runnin up in here pushin the robber down on the ground like he was captian sav-a-hoe
by 1~Renae~ July 21, 2005
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