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A Famous GMOD guy, he usually stays his PC on 24/7
If you don't know who is he, quit gmod

CapsAdmin has his own server called "Meta Construct", metaconstruct has alot of capsadmin's self made addons like PAC3 (Player appearance customizer) and such. hopefully, this server is not your average gmod server, it's not DARKrp or some bullshit, it's serious business, if you join here, you should know what you are doing.
You can get developer (Some sort of admin-like thing) if you know to code LUA, but the only owners are Phyton1320 and CapsAdmin
DONT Beg for Owner, or Developer, just make some good lua, and maybe they will accept you in, they got lots of Developers already

Meta Construct #1

Meta Construct #2
gmod capsadmin capsadmin gmod
by Gangster is not Mafia August 19, 2013
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