straight up pimp status mainly used to discribe ones extreeme skill in activities such as drugs , theft and even games
ahhh man that guy is such a sir caper
by bombdizzle January 23, 2005
Top Definition
Older slang defining some sort of shady activity; usually illegal. shenanigans.
So tell us out the caper, boss.
by taylor October 04, 2003
to rob somebody for something he got that you want to make a livin
imma catch diz capers up here in da cut
by LOX February 28, 2003
Flowering bud of the keisha bush, used in fancy cooking.
Fresh salmon with lemon caper garlic sauce.
by MikelMikel February 16, 2005
Something completely unnecessary.
*Marty just knocked Stevie's cheeky nandos out of his hands, shouting "Up The Peelers".
"You can't be at that caper, Marty, you dick."
by AreyaShaw94 October 07, 2015
pickled dingleberries
The capers on my sandwich gave me explosive diarrhea which resulted in numerous dingleberries that I pickled in brine to serve with elegant dinners.
by hemorrhagicfervor June 15, 2010
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