A very dishonest businessman and selfish person.
He's being very Cao about that - not even caring if his wife and kids are killed by feral ghetto residents as long as he gets his money.
by Saeed Al Maktoum July 28, 2010
Top Definition
Mandarin for "fuck"
Mandarin for "grass"
Manderin for a lot of other things
Cao ni ma! (Fuck your mom!)
by Mji January 27, 2005
Known throughout the world as the coolest person on the face of this earth.
OMG, it's Cao!
by Cao March 02, 2004
Asian slang word for donkey Rapist.

Is also a slang word in the gay community meaning a dildo for men.
"Hey billy put that caos in me". Said Johnny
by The KlowN July 01, 2010
A word utilised to demonstrate extreme arrogance in the knowledge of Spanish, when in fact one is writing in a completely different language.
Voy a la playa, cao amigos.
by Dinosir May 10, 2012
Asian slang for donkey fucker
your such a cao; bitch dont be all up in my face cao
by Shido August 07, 2006
-Verb Phrase
1. Cao Down (Pronounced "Chow Down")
-To eat a girl out after meeting her only one hour before.

1. Informal. (A backformation of Cao Down) To eat out a girl as the first form of intercourse. Esp. if you don't know her very well.

Origin: 2007; late Frat English: Cao Down => Middle English: Chao Downin => Old English: Sowdawnen, lit. "Let me put my mouth on that girl's privates, though I'm fully aware that she may be full of disease" from Sow- "Let me put my mouth on that girl's privates" and -dawnen "I'm fully aware that she may be full of disease"
Person 1: "He Caoed that bitch!"
Person 2: "Yeah, but he did it in someone else's bed and thus got beer dumped all over himself..."
Person 1: "Still, dude, still..."
Person 3: "Actually, that's kinda gross."
Person 1: "Yeah, actually it is, I'm sorry I brought it up."
Person 3: "No, it's cool..."
*Awkward silence*
by Nicolangelo March 06, 2007
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