A butt sniffer. The kind of guy that walks around sniffing warm bicycle seats. He dreams about becoming a dog for this simple reason. This action is usually followed with an abrupt masturbation.
I got my butt sniffed by a Canup.
by MEStudent February 08, 2008
Top Definition
the defitntion of canup is anything really! good or bad!
one day me and mii bestfriends robert and megan was talkin then we jus came about the word!! its really cool huh?
"man those shoes are canup!"
(hey those shoes are very nice)

"man my mama canup she wont let me hang out tonight!"
(my mother is being very unfair towards me)

"mayne she canup!!"
(hey brother she stinks)
by brittney-b breezy February 07, 2008
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