A term for a woman who can't find her own man to marry that she insists on pursuing and/or taking someone elses.
~Hey what she up to?
Chasing Tim.
~Isn't he Summers boyfriend?
~Oh she's a fucking Cantelope!
Such a slut.
by getmyshovel January 19, 2010
Top Definition
a fruit that is only good for fucking
me-you know you could just have sex with fruit
eli-with fruit?
me- yeah like maybe a peach, or a kiwi, it is already fuzzy
charlie-not a kiwi!
charlie-because it has like million tiny seeds, and you have a urethra
whitney-plus it doesn't really seem long enough
me-maybe like three kiwis all together?
charlie-no kiwi
me- ok, maybe like a cantelope then, low citrus content, nice texture, and nobody eats those nasty bastards anyway
eli-yeah, cantelopes are only good for fucking
charlie-fruit rapist
by hpkid March 02, 2005
huge or abnormally large breasts. usually is a good thing to have these on a girl
damn, that ho had some cantelopes on her!
by djro May 10, 2006
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