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A tank of gas that you can attach to things and pop its cap off to make it move in JBMod for HL2.
Omg I made this thing launch so high in JBMod!

I attached 10 cannisters to a buggy and made it go FLYING!!
by happyface_0/dave December 16, 2004
4 6
An alternative word to "head", derived from the Football Factory
I'll head straight down the hospital,
~Everything alrite Fred?
Its me brother Terry, sum1's just done him round the cannister with a cricket bat
by ricky February 20, 2005
10 4
to refer to somebodys head
look bill ive gotta go someboy's just done me little brother round the cannister with a cricket bat
by none of you business March 01, 2005
6 2
An overused vagina used to store semen. The vagina is usually dry, either because the woman is unaroused due to sensory adaptation or because she is unable to self-lubricate.
I needed to get off and didn't know where to ejaculate, so I used my friend's grandma as a cannister.
by eDictionaryMan July 30, 2009
5 2