Dream Theater might be talented, but they're fucking horrible. Opeth kicks ass, yes. Cannibal Corpse is fucking awesome and their shit (to faggots like you) might seem rudimentary, but if you've ever gotten a copy of any of their tablature (especially in PowerTab form), you'd see their fucking complexity. And, I know that you'll say that regardless of their great musical ability, their music still "sucks," well, not true, dick-fucker.
Cannibal Corpse is so kickass. They're also pretty funny, because they take their shit so seriously. Their lyrics are hilarious.
by Gabe Nahmias April 03, 2004
Pwns kastro's little boy ass.
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
teh molester of teh little boys.
CannibalCorpse that dirty mother fucker rape my little boy ;
by Teh Kastro wuz h3r3 July 07, 2003
A band you probably have never even heard of because you are not cool enough to even own their C.D.
Cannibal Corpse is so metal, I wish I could play guitar like Rob Barrett.
by PSHloserx October 10, 2003
Cannibal corpse: A BRUTAL death metal band that origined in 1989 their first cd was eaten back to life. The band was the first in the death metal scene to have the sickest incomprehensible and over the top lyrics and art work- vincent locke. Their earlier music had the vocalist chris barnes who is actually better than george fisher. Just to point out the band in its early days was only for certain individuals to listen to. but now it is mainly associated with wanabees and 'goths'- ie... 13 year old children who think they are 'sick and twisted' when they are mere normal kids who gets their mommys to order a gore-obsessed long sleeve cannibal corpse t shirt off ebay to look 'abnormal' this is whats wrong with the band now, it has been promoted to much, so it is too popular. i used to be a cannibal corpse fan i bought chris barnes 2 albums (i still sometimes listen to) but that guy actually had some brutal talent george fisher is a fake extrovert. i'm not saying they are totally crap now but they ahve changed a lot- early cannibal corpse saounded like mortician- an even better band.
8 year old: mummy i just looked up a band called cannibal corpse on google, they are like foo fighters please by me a t shirt off ebay.

mum: off course dear
by mortician February 21, 2005
A death metal band that attempts to offend people with disgusting lyrics and ridiculous song names. I know they are suppose to play to a niche market but most of their fans are probably 12 years olds who try to look different and insane.
The actual fans of this group I can respect since they are being sincere, the preteen I want to be different so I can look cool can jump off a bridge.
by hasafienda February 23, 2005
The one of the most discusting and sadistic bands out there. Music like that just proves they are sick individuals.
"I want to slit my wrists and bleed all over the floor and die. But before I do it I will listen to cannibal corpse"

"The girl is torn and twisted bleeding from her wound that swarms with maggots" -Cannibal corpse style lyrics
by Freakasync March 07, 2005

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