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A bar or pub with an uncommon amount of underage girls who most likely acquired access by. 1. Using fake identification. 2. Performing fellacio on the bouncer, or 3. Giving the owner a rimmer.
This new bar is a total candystore, that girl can't be a day over fourteen; look at the cheesy grin on the bouncer, and who's that really old dude with all the girls around him? This place is creepy.

by cockninja July 14, 2006
6 2
a synonym used for the liquor store when underage college freshmen need to discuss "business" in front of their RA's.
Freshmen #1: Hey Dave, we need to stop by the candy store before tonight's festivities begin.

Freshmen #2: Do you have a fake ID?

RA: Why do you need a fake ID to go to buy candy?

Freshmen #1 and #2 (in unison): Shut up bitch, mind your own business.

RA: Ok, sorry.
by gay April 29, 2005
29 22
Your boy who is handling his business and always has the rocket fuel, aka ski passes, aka llelo
Bring on the up the candy store
by DUTCH January 07, 2004
2 13
This could mean a gay bar or any other place of homosexual fellowship.
Hey dude, you want to go to Club Bone tonight?

Shit no man, that's a goddamn Candy Store.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
4 15