After blowing your main line of cocaine, you take a cigarette (hopefully a Newport) and suck up the rest of the "freeze" like a straw, into the cig.
"why are we making candy sticks, thats such a waste of coke"

"dude, we have like an 8-ball for 2 heads"

"... oh, word"
by Aurf December 25, 2006
Top Definition
a candy stick is a guy who is a man whore. so many people have gotten a taste of his dick, its like free candy.
girl 1: "look at him. he's screwed half the school."

girl 2: "i know right. he is a candy stick."
by seven+3=whatIbe July 06, 2010
(british) a homosexual.
i fahkin' hate candysticks!
by Thom September 23, 2003
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