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1. A secret undercover ninja.

2. A person who lives off pies.

3. Hot.
1. Whoa, she has gotta be a Candice Rendell... look at those moves!

2. Person 1: 'All she ever does is eat pies!' Person 2: Yeh, she's a Candice Rendell

3. Whoa. Candice Rendell.
by Catlady10101 December 25, 2011
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Some Physco Awesome Babe that is hot even though she is crazy. Coz she is hot she can pull off any style of clothes including asian and indian traditional clothes even though she is a hot australian babe. Has anger managment but is an angel that fell from the heavens to grace us with her presence.
Hey theres Candice Rendell! that babe can pull off the craziest stuff and still be hot
by MrWorley August 23, 2010

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