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It means that if you look at things one at a time, you might not realize that a branch of separate "trees" go togehter to make a "forest"

When you are too close to a situation you need to step back and get a little perspective. When you do you will notice there was a whole forest you couldn't see before because you were too close, and focusing on the trees.
Simply that you have focused on the many details and have failed to see the overall view, impression or key point.
Example "can't see the forest for the trees"

He is so caught up in her affectation that he " cant see the forest for the trees"

He is to busy on the outside looking in that he cant see the forest for the trees.
by alberta rogerdena August 23, 2012
To be so concerned with specifics or details that the larger problem, situation or point is missed. Alternate: can't see the woods for the trees. Often said incorrectly as "can't see the forest THROUGH the trees." (English, circa 1500's)
A: I hate the piss and crap all over the place from my wife's cats!
B: Dude, she only has the cats because she knows you hate it and is trying to drive you out. I guess you can't see the forest for the trees.
by biggs33 October 05, 2010
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