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when a girl have a wedgie on her pussy and read the lips of the pussy.
A great sight :)
" Oh my god i can see her cameltoe"
by Vaginal Intercourse May 21, 2008
When a chick has jeans so tight and pulled up too high, her lips of her vag show and look like a camels toe
Damn!! THat chick has a massive camel toe!!!!
by 83658365 September 11, 2010
When of the "Cali" variety, they are quite literally the worst fantasy football team in any league.
"Yo, you got some nice Cameltoe!" "Cali Cameltoe?? No effing way, my team is way better than yours!!"
by yupyouaregonnalose September 13, 2012
my vagina is eating my pants
oh shit look at that bitch! her camel toe is eating tommy hilfiger
by ah poop May 27, 2011
camel stuck in a chicks body popin out of her pussy or she decided to eat it and it couldnt come out her rear end!!!! you will experince this at skool becuz the teachers get them and leave it cuz they thnk it makes them kool but its animal abuse!!! i am bored as u may hav noticed my ex-friend k**** wnts u ta no she is a sagittarious she likes long walks on da beach and cheats so it dznt matter if shes taken and she iz ugly and desreate like old people!!! i luv ya more den ma caucluator
your mother..........i can't think of anything else to say...except...i love you...suk on that!!
CAMEL TOE!!!!!! bitch...i hate this 'add ur own' thingie, it taked bloody half an hour 2 do....bloody fuckin hell!!! itz like sooooo not tea and crupets ya no like itz honk honk i am a sheep!!! or im daneil radcliffe here mi roar...arrrrrrrr if u wanna humpy pumpy lemme no ppl btw i tlk to a note book and take spellin lesions and a bisexual chick luvs ta hit on mi!!!!!!!!! TURTLE TURTLE DO A HURTLE!!!!! SXC!!!!!!! I AM A SCORPIO LUV CANCER CUZ MST OF DEM HAV CANCER LIKE MA(HAHAHA) GOLD FISH AND NO WE R NOT ON CRACK!!!(ONLY IF ITZ UR CRACK WILL I BE ON IT)
by JANGAGE...WITH BANGAGE!!! May 26, 2008
The act of a woman putting the outer lips of her vagina around your face and pushing your head up her vagina until you suffocate and die
oh shit, that lesbian looks like she wants to cameltoe me
by dr mcnasty December 12, 2010
A cameltoe is when a girl's pants or shorts are wedged up her front crack. Looks really really disgusting!
Oh my gosh look at Kristen's cameltoe! She needs to pull her P.E. shorts down, it looks like she is wearing mom shorts. Ew Toucan Sam is so hideous!! Ew look she is trying to serve! "CAMELTOE! CAMELTOE!" hahaha!
by milkyway December 20, 2006