when a female wears pants or shorts that are too tight in the genital region, so the seam of the pants/shorts separates the labia, resembling a camel's two-toed foot. this most often occurs when the female pulls her tight spandex pants/leggings up too high.
I know man, check out that nasty cameltoe
by xoannieox July 29, 2010
A pussy wedgie.
Dude, that girl's bikini shows her cameltoe.
by megmik July 25, 2010
a wedgie in the womens viagina area.
Stretchy sweat pants are the cause of the probelm.
Usually fat chunky women have this problem.
"Her pants are riding up her viagina. Look at that beast of a camel toe."
by rhinotoe11 February 26, 2010
when a girl have a wedgie on her pussy and read the lips of the pussy.
A great sight :)
" Oh my god i can see her cameltoe"
by Vaginal Intercourse May 21, 2008
She's working a camel toe it must be a L toe she doesn't even have to say anything I can read her lips.
Check out camel toe it must be the L toe dessert
by danglin dicks November 13, 2013
When a girls pants are so tight you can see the print of her coochie and the print looks like a camel toe so thats what they call it now.
I can see that fat girl camel toe gross.

Eww yesterday she had a camel toe in her legging .
by Queens dont compete with hoes August 20, 2015
A wedgie, but rather than being in the buttcrack, it's in the vaginal area.
"Girls that wear leggings have a consistent camel toe, I swear."
by youfoundher February 06, 2015

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